Flanders, the Flemish region of Belgium, is infamous for serving up the harshest cycling conditions - where driving rain, cobbled non-category climbs, snow and ice are the norm for its 6,000 racing clubs. This place, the pounding heart of a passionate cycling nation where the most revered Spring Classics unfold, is the cold steel anvil where flesh and bone are forged into the greatest racers of all time. This is Belgium, home to Ridley Bikes, and it is here where their products are engineered, hammered into raw form by the roads themselves, and where we refine them in competition. This is Ridley. "We are Belgium".

A key part of Ridley's product development is a strong alliance with their teams, not just providing them with bikes, but working on a very close basis with the riders and the team mechanics to develop their models. The sponsored teams compete on "stock" frames which enables Ridley to test under extreme riding conditions. This is Ridley's core development program to ensure that a well refined product is launched to their customers. Feedback from the teams fuels the next generation of Ridley bikes.